The York Factory Express

Nancy Marguerite Anderson
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My new portrait, or one of them, for my newly-published book, The York Factory Express. You can order the book through the publisher’s website, at

The cover design is getting rave reviews from people who I have shown it to, and I think this is close to the image we will run with. So, here it is!

I hope you like this. It is very difficult to find good images of York Boats, and some of the ones I had were not clear images. This image is from Glenbow Archives and is na-1847-5 (we might use the HBCA copy if it is better). Glenbow says this was taken on Lesser Slave Lake, but the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives image, which I have just ordered, says the boats are sailing away from Norway House. I don’t know who is right, and it doesn’t really matter: it is the beauty of the image that is important.

If you want to know more about the York Factory Express, you can start reading the thread here: Thank you for your patience.

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