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My new portrait, or one of them, for my upcoming book, The York Factory Express. You can now pre-order the book through the publisher’s website, at

The cover design is getting rave reviews from people who I have shown it to, and I think this is close to the image we will run with. So, here it is!

I hope you like this. It is very difficult to find good images of York Boats, and some of the ones I had were not clear images. This image is from Glenbow Archives and is na-1847-5 (we might use the HBCA copy if it is better). Glenbow says this was taken on Lesser Slave Lake, but the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives image, which I have just ordered, says the boats are sailing away from Norway House. I don’t know who is right, and it doesn’t really matter: it is the beauty of the image that is important.

Also — just to let you know — my blog needs some work, and so until it is done I might not be posting. [In fact I couldn’t correct the incorrect publication day above because I was unable to access the site.] It will be down for a short time [it wasn’t down, but transferring to a new server], but it both gives me a rest and makes the workings of the blog faster. Thanks for your patience in this.

Oh, and if you want to know more about the York Factory Express, you can start reading the thread here:

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    1. Nancy Marguerite Anderson Post author

      Sadly, you will have to wait. I just found out by accident the book will be published in October (or before), and was unable to correct the information as my website was being updated at the time and I had to stay off. I will now update all these posts so people will know. Sorry about that, but there is so much more work to be done and the publisher, who was sick for quite a time, just did not have time to publish everyone on his spring list.