Book Launch

York Factory Express

The York Factory Express

Here is my Book Launch video. Please enjoy — I certainly enjoyed making the video, with a lot of help from a friend.

You Tube link for same video is here: or search “York Factory.”  

Should you wish to order the book, you can do so here: Thank you!

Here are the credits for the photos used in this video:

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“York Boat en route to Oxford House, Hudson’s Bay Company post, Manitoba.” [out of focus].” Glenbow Archives NA-1847-5.

“Portaging York Boats around rapids.” Glenbow Archives NA-1406-48.

“Canoeing on a Canadian River,” Glenbow Archives NA-843-14.

And yes, for those of you who are asking: I am Métis, through Métis Nation British Columbia, and my homeland is the Red River.

Thank you, all!

5 thoughts on “Book Launch

  1. Sharon Seal

    Congratulations of you new book! Cannot wait to read it. Our mutual dear friend Chalk Courchane would have been so excited to acquire this book, and I am imagining all the lovely discussions we would have had. Miss him.

  2. Dave Martin

    What a wonderful audio/video rendering of your book!
    Your voice adds a magical air to the narration too.
    Thank you for producing this!
    Dave Martin
    Ogden Valley Bicentennial Council