Publication of “The York Factory Express”

A simple announcement: The publication of The York Factory Express will be delayed because the person who is doing the final editing and proofing of the book is seriously ill and unable to work. We all hope he will get better soon.

York Factory Express

The cover of my book, The York Factory Express.

A number of men have already “yelled” at me to get the book published. (Yeah, it was yelling.) THIS STOPS NOW. It was unacceptable when you used my contact sheet to ask if my book was EVER going to be published, or when you demanded that I get the publisher to get to work on my book. Or when you sent me two emails to force me to answer a question I didn’t have the answer to, after you had already received the information from the publisher that the book was delayed. I do not want this sort of thing to happen again. A BOOK TAKES THE TIME IT NEEDS TO BE PUBLISHED. It is up to you to be patient and quiet until this happens.  




10 thoughts on “Publication of “The York Factory Express”

  1. Judy Banks

    Nancy, sorry to learn of this. Not only for the news of your editor not being well, but that such gronky, knuckle-dragging male treatment of a female writer is still going on…people don’t think it happens in this day and age, but it does, and it’s because it’s one of the industries that still facilitates it…I know, I’m also a writer/editor, and a researcher. Here’s hoping the gronks got your message and that they desist in the future. Cheers, J.

  2. Sharon Seal

    Thanks for the update regarding the publication of your new book. Good things are worth waiting for, and I shall look forward to purchasing this when it becomes available. (My Amazon pre order was just canceled yesterday.) So sorry that you have had to endure such rudeness from a select sampling of trolls. I am certain they do not represent in any way your large, loyal, appreciate and sympathetic fan base. Thank you for all the research you do and share with us in your blogs as well. You are a gem!

  3. Hugh Stephens

    I am a man, and I have received several notices from Amazon that the book I have paid for will be delayed. I am waiting patiently and havepe not “yelled” or complained to anyone. Please avoid the trap of painting everyone with the same brush. Several rude “people” yelled at you. Their gender was as irrelevant as the gender of the author. It is the content that counts, not the gender of the person who created it.


        All the people who complained loudly and rudely were men, but not all men complain loudly and rudely.

        1. Nancy Marguerite Anderson Post author

          Most of the people who follow me are, I think, men. You are exactly right. Most men are not a problem. A note here, the same can be said of women. I blocked one woman who was basically bullying me. Actually, when I think about it, I have blocked several women, for bullying. Thanks.

  4. Jack Englund

    Maam – I am also Male
    I ordered & Pd.d for the Book { thru Your site (????) }
    I have ? You about my order BUT I hope you took No Offence.