The Cover Quotes for “The Pathfinder”

Fort Nisqually and Puget Sound

This drawing of Fort Nisqually was done by Steve A. Anderson and is used with his kind permission

Cover quotes are fabulous things. As a writer you always try to get the best-known “experts” in the field to write cover quotes for your book.
Of course, the person who is writing the quote has to read the book, and enjoy it.

I was fortunate to know a few writers who wrote about the fur trade. Richard Mackie gives talks at the Victoria Historical Society quite often and I have a few of his books on hand. He is always happy to meet fur trade descendants.

Jack Nisbet I met in Spokane where he lives, when I went to research down there. He writes about David Thompson and his men, and we are descended from one of David Thompson’s engages (not that we can prove it).

Sylvia Van Kirk lives in Victoria now, and is a member of the Historical Society and of the Descendants of Fort Victoria Employees group.

Derek Hayes and I got to talking by email, when we both requested copies of A.C. Anderson’s 1867 Map of British Columbia. The map is in his new book, and mine too.

Anyway, here are the Cover Quotes that these four writers gave. I didn’t see them for ages; oddly the publisher received them and did not tell me what the writers said.

Jack Nisbet, author of Sources of the River and other David Thompson books: “A meticulously researched, unflinching account of A. C. Anderson. His life, and this book, open a window onto the Pacific Northwest’s restless transition from fur-trade fiefdom into the place we know today.” I immediately swiped the unflinching word, as I did plenty of flinching  while I wrote the book. Thank you, Jack.

Sylvia Van Kirk: “A.C. Anderson was truly a maker of British Columbia. This well-researched, highly readable account of his remarkable, multi-faceted career as fur trader, explorer, civil servant and pioneer settler of Vancouver Island will help to give him the recognition he deserves. This book is a must read for anyone interested in the fascinating history of the Pacific North West in the 19th Century.” I have assumed you all know who Sylvia is. She is the author of Many Tender Ties, Women in Fur Trade Society, 1670-1870, an essential book for anyone writing about women in the fur trade. Unfortunately for Sylvia and other fur trade historians, I could find almost nothing about Betsy Birnie, Anderson’s wife — but that is normal for the fur trade. Thank you, Sylvia.

Derek Hayes loves maps, and most of his books are books of maps: “A long overdue comprehensive account of one of British Columbia’s pioneering but often overlooked explorers, a mapmaker par excellence, who in his time probably knew more about the geography of British Columbia than any other.” Derek Hayes featured Anderson’s 1867 Map of British Columbia in his current book British Columbia, A New Historical Atlas. Thank you, Derek.

Richard Somerset Mackie is the author of a number of books, including Trading Beyond the Mountains and Mountain Timber. His cover quote reads in full: “A biography of Alexander Caulfield Anderson has been needed for many years. In The Pathfinder, Nancy Anderson deftly reconstructs the main stages and episodes of her ancestor’s important career as fur trader, explorer, trail-maker, customs and fisheries officer, farmer, Indian Reserve Commissioner, cartographer, scholar, and historian. This engrossing biography of A.C. Anderson is what we’ve been waiting for.” Thank you, Richard, for your kind words and enthusiasm.

I was extremely lucky in getting such good cover quotes from such excellent authors, so I thank them all for their generosity.

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2 thoughts on “The Cover Quotes for “The Pathfinder”

  1. Barbara Warman

    Loved the book! It was not all about his good traits – it talked about some of his flaws. It made AC Anderson very human.

    1. nancymargueriteanderson Post author

      Thank you, Barbara. I appreciate your comments. I am pleased you enjoyed the book.